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The following loan examples are typical of the sort of financial situation many people currently find themselves in. Does this look familiar to you?

Current UBF Loan Example 1

Factory Loan$2,179,332.21$24,165.09 per month
Bank overdraft$208,152.49$1,195.35 per month
Home loan$1,450,000.00$10,916.71 per month
Business Loan$135,572.47$5,992.04 per month
Grand Total$4,168,663.87
Previous Total Monthly Repayment$43,972.47 per month
New UBF Repayment$26,689.76 per month
Repayment reduction of $17,282.71 per month

Current UBF Loan Example 2

Home Loan$498,794.00$3,000.00 per month
Business Loan$43,000.00$676.14 per month
2 x Business Credit Cards$40,000.00$1800.00 per month
4 x Personal Credit Cards$20,000.00$ 900.00 per month
An extra $100,000.00 borrowings from UBF for home improvements$100,000.00
Grand Total$701,794.00
Previous Total Monthly Repayment$6,376.14 per month
New UBF Repayment$2,924.19 per month
Repayment reduction of $3,452.00 per month